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Justin Lee 27.5g Rar [Latest-2022]




Justin Lee show us how to make low cost medical devices like heart pacemakers, anepilepsy devices, portable x-ray machines, diagnostic kits, medication pumps and eye wear. The conversation is all in one of over 24 podcast episodes, it’s all at Here’s a summary: You have to be able to find people who need your product and who will pay for it. Companies don’t have a lot of time to make decisions. Faster cycle time allows companies to test, design, prototype and launch new products more quickly. If you can’t run a lean start up you’ll never be able to bring a product to market. #1. Don’t be afraid to ask. Even if you have a product that will be unprofitable, ask your friends and family, you can always ask. Ask them if they want you to give it to them for free. They won’t hate you for it! I’ve also found out that by giving people my products, they realize they could use them and make the decision to order one for themselves. I’ve been able to learn so much by being able to give these products away for free and see how they’re used. Asking people I don’t know if they want my product is risky. #2. Make sure you can produce your product at a minimum cost. You need to be able to bring your product to market without all the expenses of having your own factory. I’ve been able to do this by having a friend make the products for me and then I can sell them for what I pay my friend for making them. Asking people you don’t know if they need your product can be risky. #3. Don’t create the product! Don’t take the plunge and create your product until you’ve got your product into the hands of a potential customer and you can get feedback. I’ve been able to do this by asking my friends if they want me to make them products. I’ve been able to learn so much by watching them use my products and giving them feedback. #4. Be ready for the not-so-good



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Justin Lee 27.5g Rar [Latest-2022]
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